9 mistakes you are making when packing

Packing heavy items that you can easily buy once you arrive

 Things like for example shampoo. Unless you have it in one of those small travel size bottles, it weight a ton and takes up quite a lot of space. Instead it is much easier to just buy a bottle when you arrive.

Not being aware of the social norms where you are going   

Some places are more strict when it comes to how much skin is to be shown. If you are going somewhere where it is costume to for example not show your knees, it might not be a good idea to bring mini skirts and short shorts only.

Not protecting containers of liquids

I feel like this is pretty self explanatory, but you should of course always remember to put your liquids in a plastic bag or something.

Not thinking about how long you are gonna be gone

Packing everything you want without considering the fact that you are only gonna be gone for the weekend can be such a bother, but not packing enough clothes is definitely not the best thing you can do either.

Bringing mismatched outfits  

Bringing a clothing item with noting that goes with it is just a way of wasting valuable suitcase space. The best packing advise I could ever give is to always pack in outfits!

Letting valuable suitcase space go to waste

All suitcases have small hidden departments, so use them! it provides you with some extra space and it can be great to have a place for all you smaller stuff that tend to get lost in the bottom of the suitcase.

Not checking the weather before you travel

This is pretty self explanatory, ALWAYS check the weather before you start packing.

Not thinking about what you are gonna be doing

If you are going on a beach vacation you probably won’t need stilettos, and are you going for a weekend in Paris you will probably need some shoes you can walk in for hours without your feet being on fire.

Not checking the airline’s luggage limits

You might think that you will get away with your luggage being a little too heavy, or a little too wide, but trust me you won’t, so check out the airlines webpage.

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