Panda thermos || Storage bags || Cactus light || Little human pot pad || Scratch globe || Banana wine silicone cork || Compressed towels || Cactus candles || Automatic water drip

I know that christmas are still two months away, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t already be on the lookout for fun christmas gifts. When it comes to gifts for your family these might not make the cut, however, they are all very ideal Christmas gifts for classmates and roommates, especially if you are on student budget. If you aren’t that into any of the things if have singled out, you can always go to Rosegal to check out all their other cute items.

I am definitely giving…

Of the 9 gifts that I have featured in this post, there are three gifts that I am definitely giving this year.

The compressed towels. These towels are the cutest gift for a friend who likes to travel. The small towel-pills takes up no space at all and are really easy to transport.

The banana silicone wine cork. This is such a fun gift for any and all friends who might have a bit of a dirty humor.

The panda thermos. Most of my friends are like me, a student and quite coffee addicted. When giving a thermos to a student you are sure it is gonna be used, and the fact that it is so super cute is just an extra bonus.

I would want…

The foldable globe where you can scratch the places you have been. This one is definitely my favourite item on the list. It is such a fun idea, and it would be so cool to slowly be able to see the globe become more and more colourful as you visit more destinations around the world.

This post is written in collaboration with Rosegal.

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