The Introduction To “See Now, Buy Now”biggest fashion happenings 2016The first, and definitely biggest thing that happened in 2016 concerning fashion is the “See now buy now” invention. Something that wasn’t just the biggest fashion happening in 2016, but the biggest shake up of fashion, and particularly fashion week, since ready-to-wear was formed back in 1812.

Everybody might not know exactly what “see now, buy now” means, but to shortly sum it up, it means that the big fashion houses are going to change the order of the collections they show at the different fashion weeks.

As of right now, the fashion calendar i made so that a collection is shown on the catwalk 6 months before it becomes available in stores. However in the digital age we live in now it means that the high street brands such as H&M, Zara and Topshop have 6 months to create and market knock-offs. Long story short, the six month glitch creates an unfair market for the bigger brands, and the original designers.

But this might change very soon, because in 2016 Christopher Bailey made it public that Burberry from now on will be a “see now, buy now” brand, and both Tom Ford and Tommy Hilfiger have decided to join in on this new concept. This means that the brands for example will be showing their autumn winter collection at the fashion week in September, a fashion week which is usually used to show spring summer collections.

Chanel In Cuba  biggest fashion happenings of 2017biggest fashion happenings 2016For the 2016 cruise collection Karl Lagerfeld decided to pack up all his models and fly to Cuba where he then showed his collection. This change was a surprise, not only because it was Chanel’s first international show since 1959, but also because Cuba isn’t quite the obvious chose for a fashion runway. Karl Lagerfeld’s chose to have the catwalk in Cuba have later been a very debated topic, where the people on the – yes – side thinks it is a great way to bring some attention and also tourists and business to a latin and also communist country, while people on the – no – side thinks that it is a bad kind of attention, and argues that a country where Chanel isn’t even being sold, and where the biggest part of the population would never be able to afford such a luxury, shouldn’t be the setting of the famous runways.

The No MakeUp Selfie biggest fashion happenings 2016
 Last year in was contouring and this year  it is no make up. Certainly a much more aspirational make up trend. In 2016 many celebrities have been posting no make up selfies on social media, and when they weren’t completely without make up, they have been wearing the so called “no make up, make up”, meaning minimal and natural looking make up. And it isn’t just a clean face and natural skin which is in, it is being and looking natural all together.

The Gender Showdown biggest fashion happenings 2016
This one is definitely my personal favourite fashion happening of 2016, the year were the gender barriers were for real tested. The tendency may have started with Gucci’s men’s loafers for women, but have for real flourished this year. This is something we have both been able to see on the catwalks during the different fashion weeks, but also amongst the different street style darlings, celebrities and fashion campaigns. The most important moment for the mixed gender fashion happening were in my opinion Jaden Smith wearing clothes that normally would have been thought of as girl clothes, in the campaign for Louis Vuitton, a campaign you can see on the left side above.

The Family Hadid 7 BIGGEST FASHION HAPPENINGS IN 20167 BIGGEST FASHION HAPPENINGS IN 2016Year 2016 were if anything the year for the Hadid family, with Bella being announced as the industry’s chosen model, Gigi creating a collection alongside Tommy Hilfiger, and both Bella and Gigi being on pretty much very cover, runway and in every campaign. Also their brother have made his debut into high fashion this year.

The H&M Feminist Campaign 

One of my favourite fashion moments of 2016, beside the clash of genders, were when H&M decided to join in on the body positivity trend that the “no make up selfie” also kind of belongs under, by creating the coolest and most badass video as advertisement for their fall/winter collection. The video is supposed to show what it is really like to be a lady, and the diversity there is amongst women. In the video we see women in all ages, colours and body types, doing everything from picking food out of their teeth, to being a legit girl boss, not to mention the clip of a girl unzipping her jeans so she can eat french fries. In my opinion the video is a perfect example of how all fashion advertisements should be done. If you haven’t seen the video yet, you can see it here above.

The Chocker 7 BIGGEST FASHION HAPPENINGS IN 2016Every year there is one trump trend, which outdoes all the other trends, and this year that one trend have without doubt been the choker. I don’t think there is much explanation to this, specially since I have already done a post on this trend once before. You can find the post on the chocker trend here.


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