6 tips that will help you survive finals

Hi guys, I’m so sorry there haven’t been updating a lot lately, but I have been knee deep in exam preparations. Unfortunately for me I still have 3 exams to go, and even though I do realise that most of you have probably already finished off all of  your finals, I decided to do a “6 tips that will help you survive finals” post. Mostly because the only thing I can think of at the moment is exams and exam preparations.

1* Get a good nights sleep. I think we can all agree that staying up all night before an exam to get some extra studying done, seems like a good idea at the time. But I’m telling you sleep is the way to go.

Sleeping mask

2* Bring headphones! I know that some schools may not allow it, but if your school does then take advantage of it, and listen to music. For me at least it is always a good way to keep focused AND awake. Being awake is an important part of ding exams. Need some new songs for your playlists? check some of mine out here, here, here, here and here.


3* Wear something comfy. There is literally nothing worse than feeling uncomfortable in you clothing during an exam, specially if it’s like a 4 hours written one. I usually go for running pants and a huge jumper.

Nike pants // Sweater // Shorts // Comfy socks 

4* Be prepared! Make sure to bring pencils, pens, calculates etc. and make sure to brings extras!

Intellectual badass pencils // Pencil case

5* Bring a water bottle. This one is important, staying hydrated will help you focus. Also if you like most students are a coffee addict, make sure to bring a cup of that too.

Nike bottle // Girl Boss cup // Non-adulting cup

6* A carry all tote. Having one big tote that you can fit everything into can be a lifesaver, both going to the exam, finding all your stuff  at the exam, and when you are done and just one to get the F out.

Expensive tote // Cheaper tote

6 tips that will help you survive finals

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