5 ways to wear the classic black leather jacket


I have in several posts mentioned that everybody needs a classic black leather jacket as a part of their capsule wardrobe, but have never talked about how to style it. Although I am a personal believer in the leather jacket as something that fits to every outfit, others might not be of the same conviction, I have therefore assembled 5 different ways to easily style the classic leather jacket.

classic black leather jacket | byolina.dk

 First look; A basic black leather jacket is a great way to make an otherwise sophisticated outfit feel more edgy. To finish off the look and add a little extra you can trow in a fun print, or leave the camisole at home, exposing the silhouette of your bra.

classic black leather jacket | byolina.dk

Second look; When talking about the black on black outfit, the classic leather jacket is a must. Here paired with a rip body stocking and a pair of high waisted skinny jeans.

classic black leather jacket | byolina.dk

Third look; You can also go a little out of the common frame of fashion and wear your leather jacket during the summer, to make a boring and simple summer look stand out. Here with a pair of simple denim shorts, white sneaks, a striped shirt and a mini bag.

classic black leather jacket | byolina.dk classic black leather jacket | byolina.dk

Fourth look; Of course the leather jacket is also good for everyday purposes, to make the look a little more non-basic, throw on a hat, or add a little pop of colour.

classic black leather jacket | byolina.dk

Fifth look; The white t-shirt have always been good paired together with the classic black leather jacket. Here a more casual and laid back look have been creating by paring the white t-shirt and leather jacket with a pair of mom jeans, and a little colourful scarf.

Here are some good examples of the classic leather jacket.the-classic-black-leather-jacketHERE // HERE //HERE // HERE

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