5 trends seen during Fashion Month


Denim have always been around, and have at no point been out of style, yet it haven’t always been something you would think to wear on the red carpet or as a shirt to a fashion show. Now it is though, which became clear during this Fashion Month, and specially during NYFW and LFW, where so many stylish women were seen posing in either solo denim items or whole denim outfits.

pop-of-red Pop of Red

A little pop of colour is always a sure way to make an otherwise boring outfit a little more stylish, and a pop of red can more than any other colour make an outfit more interesting. This is something that all the ladies at Fashion Month have figured out, and are using to their benefit more than ever.


Satin have been coming more and more into focus ever since slip dresses and lingerie inspired clothes became a trend, but now the designers have taken the fabric to a whole new level, and started making items that you normally wouldn’t see in satin by using exactly that fabric. Of course this have meant that all the major it-girls have started wearing these satin items, something the became really clear during fashion month.

statement-shirt Statement shirt

The statement shirt shirt is a great summer to fall transformation piece, if you are looking through the street style pictures from Fashion Month, there is definitely more than enough inspiration with close to every it-girl being spotted in a over-the-top shirt.

track-suits Track suits 

Everybody loves to be casual, and this is something that you can now be while at the same time looking super stylish. Track suits and other leisure wear have not only been to see in the streets, but also on a lot of the catwalks, hinting that this might very well be a trend that is here to stay.

white-bootsWhite Boots

White shoes in general are a dangerous think when first fall/winter hits and the rain starts to pour, however this did not seem to stop the it-girls when they were on their way to the many runway shows during Fashion Month.

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