The fashion industry is a big and mysterious place, and have through out the time housed a lot of amazing and crazy talented people. Some of which’s life story’s today have been made into movies.

In this post I have collected the creme de la creme of fashion movies, featuring people such as Coco Chanel, Anna Wintour, Yves Saint Laurent and Diana Vreeland.

Coco Before Chanelmovies all fashionistas needs to watch In Coco before Chanel, we follow Coco from the very start as a lower class women, and all the way through her discovery of fashion. The movie is an amazingly touching story, and definitely a must-see for any fashion loving person out there.

The September Issuemovies all fashionistas needs to watch The September Issue, is a documentary, which showcases Anna Wintour and the inner workings of Vogue in the months and weeks leading up to the publication of the 2007 September issue of Vogue.

Diana Vreeland: The eye has to travelmovies all fashionistas needs to watch  Diana Vreeland is without doubt one of the most influential women, and persons when it comes to fashion. She was a huge part of the fashion evolution dating from the beginning of the 30’s and all the way up to the day she died. Definitely a documentary worth watching.

Yves Saint Laurentmovies all fashionistas needs to watch  We all know the legend of Yves Saint Laurent, and finally last year, a movie was made about his life. The movie gives us some insight as to how the great mastermind behind YSL became what he did, and what kind challenges he had to overcome on his way to success.

The First Monday In May movies all fashionistas needs to watch  In the documentary The First Monday In May we follow some of the fashion industries most important starts, designers, and event planers, during the time leading up to one of the industries biggest events – The Met Gala.

If you are finding yourself in a not so fashion interested moment, you can also check out this and this post for some non fashion related movies.


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