5 life hacks with conditioner you need to know

Use conditioner to save your old makeup brushes                                 

If your makeup brushes are at the point where they might be a little too worn and broken, try to wash them with conditioner. It will make them as good as new.

Use it when shaving                                                                                      

Use conditioner instead of shaving foam. Contrary to actual shaving foam it will make you skin super soft, and you also shave some room in the shower cabinet.

CPR to you hair                                                                                                  

If you hair look a little dry and shabby, try to hug a little conditioner into it. Specially if you have curly/wavy hair this is a lifesaver. Just make sure not to use too much! Overdoing it will make you hair look greasy.

conditioner life hack

Use conditioner as nail creme                                                                    

It sounds weird but it will do wonders for your cuticles.

And for the lucky bathtub owners                                                               

If you are lucky enough to have a bathtub, try to put a little conditioner in the water, it will make your skin nice and soft.

conditioner life hack

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