Grace and Frankie

Two women, Grace and Frankie, are suddenly left alone in their 70’s when their husbands leaves them to marry each other. The very uptight Grace and super hippie and weed smoker Frankie now have to live together, an arrangement that results in A LOT of awkward and funny incidents. After overcoming their difficulties Grace and Frankie begins to sell dildos together.

grace and frankie

New Girl

In New Girl the super sweet and very naive Jessica Day moves into a flat with 3 guy roommates. The four roommates has their ups and downs, but through it all they manages to stay as funny as ever. The show features quite a bit of dirty jokes and remarks, so if this is not something you find funny, the series might not be for you.


Modern Family

In Modern Family we follow an extended family and their smaller individual families. Amongst them we find the older man, Jay,who have married a very young and attractive women from whom he have gotten a stepson, and Jay’s two grown up children Mitchell and Claire. Mitchell are gay and have together with his very dramatic partner, adopted a Vietnamese daughter, while Claire’s family consists of a husband and three kids. This might seem complicated and boring, but I can promise you that this family might be the most embarrassing and funny family ever.

modern family gif

The Ranch

In The Ranch we meet a very southern and republican family that lives on a Ranch. The father, two sons, and mother who have moved out to open her own bar, definitely knows how to do stuff you are NOT supposed to do. This, together with the many borderline offensive political jokes creates an extremely hilarious show.


Big Bang Theory

In Big Bang Theory we meet a bigger group of super nerdy friends. The friends are all scientists and extremely socially award, something which very clearly comes to show ever time they try to interact with a girl, or any human being outside their friend group.


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