4 tips to save time getting dressed in the morning

Plan it out 

The first step to saving time on choosing your outfits in the morning begin already when you are shopping. More specifically is begins before your purchase your items. Here it is important to not just buy whatever you think looks cute in the moment, but instead think about what you are usually missing when you are getting dressed in the morning. It is also important to consider how you would use the item in an outfit, and what clothes in your wardrobe would fit.

Get organised

Organise and clean out in your closet so you know where things are, this will make your wardrobe much easier accessible and ultimately save you a lot of time in the morning. For some extra guidance for cleaning out your closet check out this post.
4 tips to save time getting dressed in the morning

Create accessibility

Get a clothing rack and make a small exhibition with the 5 to 10 pieces you use the most, make sure that all the pieces fit you, are in style and goes with the season. This will make it much easier and faster to get dressed in the morning.

Know your looks

Know your looks. Take some time to put together some outfits so when you take something out of your closet you know exactly what it fits with. This also goes back to the first tip about always making sure that you have something which fits with the item before you buy something.
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