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There is tons of things you need to do when in Paris. See the eiffel tower, visit Pompidou and of course walk along the Seine. Besides this there is 4 things I always makes sure to buy whenever I go, and you can see what here below.

Paris shopping Macaroons

Obviously macaroons are on the top of the list of things I ALWAYS buy when I go to Paris. Macaroons are great no matter where you eat them, but getting them in Paris is just a tiny bit better. As you can see in the picture above I have a clear preference for the raspberry, chocolate and vanilla ones.

Although I tend to buy macaroons every day and everywhere when I’m in Paris, I do try to, at least once while I’m there, get them at Lenôtre who have the best macaroons in Paris. Also, if you do end up going to Lenôtre, you should taste their basil one. It sounds strange, but it taste amazing!

Paris shoppingFaux-Lemonade

This is something which calls itself lemonade, but definitely are NOT lemonade. What it is though, is amazing. You can probably get it other places than Paris too, but I personally haven’t managed to find it anywhere else, so I make sure to always drink enough of it whenever I go to Paris. Kind of store it up like a faux-lemonda camel.

Paris shopping Magical Flue Medicine

Okay, so this might seem a bit unconventional, but once I got really sick with the flue, and someone gave me this flue medicine from France which worked like magic. Ever since then I make sure to ALWAYS buy a couple of extra packages to take home with me in case I ever get really sick the day before an exam or something.

Paris shopping

Flower Ice Cream

Last on the list is the flower shaped ice cream from Amorino Gelato. I will admit that the first time I went there, I mostly just came there because the ice cream was flower shaped, but after finding out how absolutely amazing the ice cream is I wouldn’t ever miss the chance to get one again. The fact that they’ll let you get a macaroon on the top is just an extra bonus.



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