The summer is slowly getting closer and the stores are starting to fill up with cute summer items. Besides being completely head over heels for most of the new summer collections, I have also gotten quite a few material crushes which does not belong under the category of fashion.

In this post I have collected 11 items that are currently at the top of my summer wishlist.

Laptop Case… This christmas I got a new computer and have ever since then used my old laptop case for it, however it doesn’t quite fit, and I think it is about time I get a cover which I can actually close while having my computer in it.

Trespass; A History of Uncommissioned Urban Art… I have read quite a few books on the topic of street art by now and I don’t think I will ever get tired of it. The book Trespass seems super cool and is definitely a book I intend on reading sometime during the next month or so.

Waterproof Smartphone Case… As someone who loves to spend time at by the pool and also has a minor Instagram and photography addiction, I of course feel like a waterproof case for my phone is an absolute must have. This case is definitely something which is on the very top of my wishlist.

Ornerx Cactus Candles… These candles might not be a complete must-have but they are super cute, and who don’t need cactus shaped candles in their life?

Fruit Pop Molds… Besides launching around at the pool, a large part of my summer consists of eating ice-cream, and it is always fun to try making some on you own. It doesn’t hurt either if the ice cream molds are in super cute shapes.

Beats Wireless On-Ear Headphones… My beloved headphones recently fell apart, as in quite literally fell into tree little pieces, and I am in a desperate need of a new pair. These headphones from Beats seems like the right replacement, and are as an extra bonus both wireless and quite stylish to look at.

Sleeping Mask… During the summer I tend to travel quite a bit, and since I like to get the early morning flights so I have more time once I arrive, a sleeping mask is a complete lifesaver. It’s just a bonus that his one happens to be super cute too.

Read This If You Want To Take Great Photographs… I have seen this book so many times, in so many stores and websites, and every time I am immediately drawn to it so I figured it was about time I got around to buy it.

How To Be A Person In The World; The Paradoxes of Modern Life… Once again a book, but hey as a student it is not often you have time to read a book of your own choosing so might as well take advantage of the summer break right? This book sounds super interesting, and I have several friends who are really into the author, so that is always a good sign.

Decision Pad… Not really sure why I think this pad is a such a good idea, but as someone who more often than not take way to long to make a decision, I figure that it is worth a try.

Cards Against Humanity… I have played this at my friend’s house so many times, and it always end up being a complete chaos, yet it is also fun while it lasts, and that is more than enough for me to want a deck of  my own at home.


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