Creating a killer stable wardrobe are definitely one of the more challenging things to do when it comes to fashion. Stable pieces are supposed to be able to be paired with almost all your other items, and it can be so super hard to those perfect pieces that really truly have this quality. Of course, a stable wardrobe is a really personal thing as your stable pieces need to be fitted to your exact style and personality. However, if you need a little help or inspiration I have here collected 10 great items which can easily be used to create a killer stable wardrobe.  This should make it easy for you to pick and chose out from these what you see fit for your own style.

The leather jacket

A leather jacket is a great basic and it generally can be paired with most items. Besides the versatility of the leather jacket, it is also a great mean of adding a little extra edge to your outfit. Especially paired with a cute floral summer dress the leather jacket can do absolute wonders.

featuring the leather jacket

The go-anywhere-wear-anytime ankle boot

This is definitely one of the most used stable pieces in my wardrobe. The ankle boot is simply one of those things that works with everything and can do pretty much anything to an outfit if just you wear and pair them right. The ankle boots are great for making an overstated outfit and little more casual, but can also take a casual outfit up a notch. Yes, that’s right, it actually can do EVERYTHING. As an extra plus, the ankle boot is very comfortable, yet so much more everywhere-appropriate than seekers, AND if you live somewhere where the weather is as bad as it is in Denmark then the boot is definitely a LIFESAVER.


The big cuddly sweater

No matter whether you live in a place like Denmark, or somewhere where it is warm most of the time, everybody can use a big cuddly sweater from time to time. A big sweater is one of those super great, practical and stylish items that can and will save you in soooo many instances, such as when you accidentally eat wayyy too much pizza, or when you wake up to rain streaming down your window. If you wanna add a little extra style to this super comfy trend, turtlenecks and off-shoulder sweaters and super on trend and definitely both very chic solutions to cold weather. featuring the sweaters

A go-to back

It’s no secret that I’m quite addicted to bags, and although I don’t expect everybody to be as obsessed with bags as I am, I do believe that everybody need at least one good go-to bag that can be used whenever, and which goes with everything. It is here important to choose a bag in a neutral colour. I personally prefer black, as most of my clothes are black and grey and that the bag therefore are more likely to fit with everything else in my wardrobe. However, if your wardrobe are largely consistant of earth based tones, a brown or nude bag may work better.

go to bag


It seems really obvious to me that everybody needs at least one pair of jeans in their stable wardrobe, whether it may be skinny, boyfriend, mom, or wide fit. The fit and style are, of course, really dependent on your personal style, but jeans are generally just always a good solution if you’re in doubt of what to wear. Throw on a pair of jeans and a cool tee, an oversized sweater or even a button up shirt and there you go, a perfectly fashionable and acceptable outfit for pretty much anywhere.


A great pair of flat shoes; can be both sneakers, oxfords and ballerinas

I mentioned ankle boots as a great stable piece for any wardrobe, but these are of course not the only shoes you will need, especially as wearing boots can become quite unbearable on warmer days. Here a cool pair of sneaks, some cute ballerinas or stylish oxfords are all good substitutes, and depending on your style and daily occupation you may pick and chose between the three favoured styles as you see fit.


A good button down shirt

A shirt is always a good thing to have in your wardrobe if you all of sudden find a need to look a little more prober, be it for a job interview, or just because you feel the need to look a little extra fancy. I am personally also a fan of wearing the button down shirt a little more casually for normal school days, and lately I have especially been wearing a lot of button downs open on top of a tank-top as a more stylish substitute to a cardigan.

the shirt

An all-year skirt

A great skirt which can work for both winter and summer are always a good stable, if of course you feel comfortable in skirts. When I say that it should be appropriate for both summer and winter I mean that it should look good both with bare legs and thighs underneath. This might seem like something which goes for all skirts, but I promise you that finding a skirt like this can be much more difficult that you would expect it too be.

the skirt

A watch

I’m not that into wearing jewerly, mostly because I think it can be quite uncomfortable, which is also why I’m so into watches. A cool watch can easily go for a bracelet, but at the same time you actually feel like you get something out of it. A couple of months ago I wrote a post on my new favourite watch which you can find here.


The classic winter coat

A good and warm winter coat is something that I’m sure most people have, at least if they live in a cold country, however, as most jackets which are truly warm and practical are more often than not very very ugly, I find it practical to also have a more classic and stylish winter coat around. Finding a coat which is both warm enough to actually be used as a winter coat AND which doesn’t make you feel like an enlarged penguin can be quite the challenge, but when you manage to di it, it is such a rewarding feeling.

winter coat


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