With instagram being the fastest growing social media at the moment, it is also a media where you tend to stumble upon so many weird things. I have here collected 7 things people post on Instagram that I find super annoying.

Videos Of Highlighting And Countering

Yes we get it, you know how to do make-up, and you also seem to know how to do it very fast and very flawlessly. I mean, these videos were interesting the first, second and even third time I saw them, but now over a year later, they are becoming a bit tiresome.

Tea Commercials

These are honestly EVERWHERE! Bloggers, celebrities, well really everyone are advertising for health teas that are supposed to make you loose 10 pounds in 10 days or something along those lines. But let’s face it. These teas does NOT work, and are probably not very healthy for you either.


In addition to the health teas it also seems like everybody is trying to sell you on wearing corsets. Specially the world phenomena Kylie Jenner is super guilty of this, and yes, she have officially gone from being a famous person to a world phenomena. Again, you will obviously not magically loose 10 pounds from walking around wearing a corset all day. If anything, you will just damage your body and hurt yourself. There is a reason people do not wear corsets anymore, they are simply not good for you.

The “Alcohol Is The Most Awesome Thing Ever” Posts

I know that this is a weird thing to get annoyed by, but there are so many people, especially highschool students, who are constantly posting pictures of alcohol, and I don’t just mean in a “I went to an event and someone took my picture while I was holding a glass of wine” or a “this picture looks super good and this beer will fit perfectly in it” kind a thing. I am referring to those “kids” who are way too young to drink, and finds it super cool to post pictures of like 10 bottles of vodka every damn night.


Of course this doesn’t go for ALL challenges, for example the ice bucket challenge was both fun and for a good purpose, but there are also tons of super annoying and lets be honest very unhealthy and harmful challenges. Challenges which main purpose is to make young girls starve themselves, cut or even bully others. I mean, come on people.

“Like My Last 3 Pics, And I Will Like 5 Of Yours”

These kinds of captions are littlerally the most annoying things ever, and if the line isn’t annoying enough as a caption, it become even worse when people start to write it in your comment section. I will usually delete such comments if they occur in my pictures. In addition it is probably worth mentioning that follow for follow also really is something that gets my goat.

The Paradise Profiles

I will admit that I tend to almost only post those close to perfect and very put-together pictures, but that doesn’t mean that it can’t get me low-key depressed when I see those amazing and completely picture perfect profiles. Like, why are my life not that flawless?!

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