10 Struggles all thick and curly haired girls knows


Breaking your brush on your hair. girl gif

Not being able to brush your hair while it’s dry, without it become all sorts of frizzy. girl gif

Old people telling you how lucky you are to have such a big hair. girl gif

People referring to your hair as a lion’s mane.girl gif

When it rains on your  way to school/work, and you hair is out of control for the rest of the day.girl gif

Straightening your hair, and having everybody tell you that you look much better with straight hair. I mean come on people!girl gif

Finding your hair everywhere and on everybody.girl gif

Thinking you found the perfect product for you hair, and buying bottle number two to find that it doesn’t work as well.tumblr_inline_mjmojcLCi51qi9v0p

Having rain as your enemy whenever your hair is straight.girl gif

Accidentally getting your hair in your mouth. Or worse, your hair getting in between your mouths when you’re trying to kiss someone.girl gif

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