10 struggles all tall girls can relate to


Crushing on someone solely because the person is taller than you. tall girl gif

“Have you grown?” No, I have been this tall since I was 15. tall girl gif

Having to bow down to look yourself in the mirror in public bathrooms. tall girl gif

“Wow you’re tall” No shit Sherlock. tall girl gif

     Girls who wears 15 cm heels and are still shorter than you. tall girl gif

“You are so tall you could probably be a model” sure if I lost 10 pounds and you know, didn’t look the way I do. tall girl gif

Pants never, and I mean NEVER, reaches your feet. Another problem related to that is always having cold ankles. tall girl gif

Very much related to the previous problem are long sleeves just never long enough either. tall girl gif

Looking enormous while standing beside your friends. tall girl gif

“No my dress is NOT too short, my legs are just freakishly long” tall girl gif

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