instant happiness

Keep Your Head Up – Andy Grammer

Sooner – Andrew Allen

Fine By Me – Andy Grammer

Stay The Night – James Blunt

I’ll Be There For You – The Rembrandts

Everybody – Ingrid Michaelson

Get Out – Cassey Abrams

Brighter Than The Sun – Colbie Caillat

Nobody But Me – Michael Bublé

Anywhere – Passenger

instant happiness (x , x)

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Jimmy Choo wantiesHere // Here // Here

A couple of weeks ago I fell completely in love with a pair of baudoux Jimmy Choo heels, and then today I went on their website to see if they had been put on sale with the rest of their stuff, and they had already been sold out! Quite a depressing moment. However I did find these three pairs of heels, which are all very close to being just as perfect as my original shoe crush. Definitely worth some dreaming.


fashion crush; independent designers at StyleWe1: here // 2: here // 3: here // 4: here // 5: here // 6: here // 7: here // 8: here // 9: here // 10: here // 11: here // 12: here // 13: here // 14: here // 15: here

Recently I was introduced to an online shopping site called StyleWe,   and it did not take me long to fall absolutely in love with not only the clothes on the site, but also the concept of it. StyleWe do not only feature super “to die for” fashion, but fashion which is by independent designers. This means that you can get original and exclusive fashion while supporting designers which doesn’t necessarily work for big fashion corroborations.

StyleWe do not really follow one theme, but offers fashion in a various of different styles, ranging from classy to work appropriate, to something with a little more street’ish vibe.

On the classy end of the StyleWe fashion scale, there is their party dresses, which you can find here. My personal favourites are this long evening dress, and this updated and super stylish version of the classic little black dress. A dress we all know is an essential part of any wardrobe.

However the dresses of course are not the only memorable items on the site. I am personally a big fan of all their outerwear. At the top of this post you can see a collage of some of my favourite pieces from the site, amongst them there is thee jackets, which I all seriously love, but other than those I am also really digging this long black coat, which is perfect for this time of year, and then this more decorative and military like jacket.

On top of being a great place for some on-the-side shopping, StyleWe also runs a blog with articles on the newest trends, style tips and so on. You can go check out one of their more recent posts on raglan sleeves here.

Post done in collaboration with StyleWe


8 things i wanna stop doing in 2017 | byolina.dk

Sleeping irregularly and pressing snooze

Stressing out (even when there isn’t that much to stress about) things to stop doing in 2017 | byolina.dk

Doing homework in bed

Saying “lets hang out” and never make any plans

Procrastinating (not only with school work, but with EVERYTHING)

Eating unhealthy 24/7 things to stop doing in 2017 | byolina.dk

Using my purses as a trashcan/extra storage for random crap I shouldn’t be keeping in the first place

Wasting money, specially on food


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museum outfit in ParisJeans – Lee // Bag – Chanel // Sweater – H&M // Shirt – Zara // Sneakers – Adidas // Scarf – Zara // Fishnet stockings – bought at a costume store

It’s now ten days since I retuned home from Paris, and god do I miss it. Earlier today I found these pictures that I took at Monnaie de Paris my first day there. I’m not sure you can really call this an outfit post since the quality is shit, and it is taken by myself, but I am really digging this outfit, and thought it was worth a share.

I am wearing fishnet stocking, a trend I am totally into, yet haven’t been able to try because of the super bad weather, but then I got the idea of cutting some holes in an old pair of black skinny jeans, and wear them underneath. In my opinion a super cool and and more understated way to way fishnets. Also this way you what die from frostbites.

From the waist and up I am wearing an off shoulder sweater over a classic white shirt, again a combo that I have really been digging lately. When it comes to shoes I am wearing sneakers, because wearing anything but flat and comfortable shoes when visiting a big city is just plain torture.

Monnaie de Paris of course was not the only museum i visited and you can find my full guide to what Paris museums to visit hereand one of my other Paris outfits here.


JANUARY MOOD; WORK OUT CLOTHES1: HERE // 2: HERE // 3: HERE // 4: HERE // 5: HERE // 6: HERE // 7: HERE // 8: HERE // 9: HERE // 10: HERE // 11: HERE // 12: HERE

 We are now well into january, and I’m sure that many out there are going around with the same new years resolution as me. Be healthier. Some might also have “get in shape” or “loose weight” on the list. Nevertheless the overall january mood seems to be eat less candy, more salad and work out.

This of course it easier said that done, but for me it always helps with the motivation with a new piece of work out clothing. I specially like the printed Nike leggings and the Open back crop top, but honestly I am super into literally everything above, which I guess might make sense since I did choose all of them. Hehe.