4 tips to save time getting dressed in the morning

One. Don’t just go for whatever you think looks cute when you are shopping, but instead think about what you are usually missing when you are getting dressed in the morning.
Two. Organise and clean out in your closet so you know where things are, this will make your wardrobe much easier accessible. Check out this post for help to clean out your closet.
Three. Get a clothing rack and make a small exhibition with the 5 to 10 pieces you use the most, make sure that all the pieces fit you, are in style and goes the season. This will make it much easier and faster to get dressed in the morning.
Four. Know your looks. Take some time to put together some outfits, so when you take something out of your closet you know exactly what it fits with.
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Trend to Try; Suede skirt


Suede have been big for months on end now, and we have seen it used to make every single item imaginable. Now it is time for the suede skirt to become a trend, and it certainly have, and just in time for the fall months to role in. The colour of the suede skirt fits right into the fall tones, and the material belongs good in the more chilly months. I am personally really into the grey midi and beige mini skirt you can see here underneath.

trend-to-try-suede-skirtHere // Here // Here


img_2304 img_2312img_2305 img_2306 img_2310 Shirt – Pierre Cardin // Boots – Stuart Weitzman // Jeans – H&M // Chocker – Collection Printemps Été // Undershirt – mbym

Dressing for fall can be tricky, either your chose an outfit which is way too warm, or way too cold. A good way of getting through the boring fall months, wardrobe wise, is layering. Here you get some inspiration as to how to layer by me. Also featuring a chocker, which is pretty much the number one trend this fall.

Latest outfits; Levy’s denim skirtmen’s shirt as a dress, the hatkimono.

Guide to cleaning out in your closet


It can be tuff to clean out in your closet, and even using a clean-out guide like the one above, there will always be some items which are hard to get rid of. Specifically there are three kinds of things that most people posses that they find hard to part with, but that you really should part with.

1. Things you feel like you need to keep, but know you will never use. This for me often include gifts, or clothes I’ve inherited.

2. Things you tell yourself you wore in the last 6 months, but know you did not, neither will in the next 6.

3. The one-time sentimental pieces, like that prom dress you wore once but will never wear again, or that dress you wore to that friends wedding but know you will never be able to fit in to.


screen-shot-2016-10-16-at-10-56-35leather jacket // suede skirt // hoodie // satin top // sunglasses // watch // sneaker // sweater // shelling coat // combat boot

October is here, which also means that fall is really really here, and that means that I on this month’s lustlist have included not one but two big cuddly sweaters, a comfy looking shearling coat, and a pair of  super cool winter boots. I am also so in love with the suede skirt from Marissa Webb and the lingerie looking knotted top from Apricot. Of course I have also had to include the new Adidas Gazelle shoes, which were just launched.


During the last 10 days I have been posting some of my favourite runways from the Fashion Month here on the blog, but between all of the different catwalks, my four favourites was the Bottega Veneta, Louis Vuitton, Michael Kors and Céline shows.

bottega-veneta Bottega Veneta 

Bottega Veneta have always been good at sending the right things down the runway, and this collection was no exception. The ready to-wear collection were made almost entirely from classic pieces, with a twist of being executed in new materials and colours.

louis-vuitton Louis Vuitton 

Louis Vuitton is and will always be one of the greatest names in fashion, and the the 2017 spring/summer collection absolutely kept up the Louis Vuitton appearance. The Show Nicolas Ghesquiére showcased in Paris were absolutely breathtaking. Contrary to the Bottega Veneta runway there was not many classic pieces to see, instead there were tons of new silhouettes, and the clothes gave of an almost sci-fi feeling. This collection were definitely new, and in my opinion one of the best runways this Fashion Month.

michael-korsMichael Kors

It is no secret that I haven’t always loved what Micheal Kors have been sending down his runways, but this time he really caught me off guard, getting a non-negotiable place on my top four list. The catwalk have gotten some critic as to the clothes not being formfitting enough, but personally I am super in to the more loose-fitting pieces, specially when all the clothes is so put-together and “business appropriate” as they were.

Also make sure to check out the runways of Marco de VincenzoGHugo BossOff-WhiteEmporio Armani and Céline.