Being a student can be tuff, but lucky we live in an age where we have a lot of possibilities of finding help elsewhere. Here I have collected 8 website, that I personally feel would make any students life so much easier.

Thesaurus – a place where you quick and easy can find definitions and synonyms for whatever word you need. This website is specially practical when writing long essay’s. Since it will prevent you from falling into the trap of using the same word over and over again.
websites all students needs in their life


Google Scholar – it is like the good old google we all know, except it only searches amongst scholars. A perfect way to do research on any and all papers.websites all students needs in their life

Written? Kitten! – is made to give you a little extra motivation when writing long essay’s and papers. Every time you write another 100 words, you get a new picture of a kitten. You can even change the website to show you pictures of puppies, cakes or hot boys. I mean why not right?websites all students needs in their life websites all students needs in their life

Keep Me Out – this website is amazing for all of those who has a habit of of going unto Facebook, tumbler etc. when you are meant to be studying. It lets you put in the website you would like to be kept out of, and will hereafter give you a warning if you dare to go to that certain website.websites all students needs in their life

Evernote – with evernote you can make notes, timelines brainstorms etc. and following have access to everything you have done on your phone, tablet and computer. A perfect way to make sure you have all your important notes with you at all time.websites all students needs in their life

Quizlet – on quizlet you can make up quiz’s for yourself to help you study. You can also share the quiz’s with you friends, and even see the quiz’s that other people have made. If you for example are studying for a test, chances are that someone else have also had to study that exact topic at some point, and that you can use their quiz. This way you save yourself the work of plugging in the questions. websites all students needs in their life

Resume Genius – as a student chances are that you at one point or another are going to need a resume, either for a job, an internship or maybe you college application. Resume Genius helps you create the perfect resume easily.websites all students needs in their life

Wolfram Albha – this website it an amazing help to anyone studying math or science. It helps you with pretty much everything, from receiving information, finding useful scholars and reports, word definitions and calculations.  websites all students needs in their life



perfect winter boots | ByOlina.dk

For the last couple of years, I have had a bit of a bad habit of buying super unpractical, yet very cute, boots. And every year I have ended up seriously regretting my decision, when I had to wait for my train in the cold morning air. So this year I went in another direction, and got myself a pair of warm and comfy boots that are sure to keep be alive during the danish winter. After looking through different stores, I landed on these boots from Bianco.


how to find your personal style | byolina.dk

Finding your personal style can be difficult, this is something I’m sure most of us have experienced. Just as it can be difficult, the rode to a clean and symbiotic style can also be super long, and I can honestly say that I am no where near the end. However I do feel like I am somewhat on the way there, and I have therefore collected the five main steps to finding your own personal style.

Coming to terms with your body

Knowing your body, and what body type you are is definitely the first thing you should do. This way you can go onto Goole, Pinterest or wherever and find out what exactly works for your specific body type.

Do some people watching

The next step might seem odd, but is definitely worth it. You need to start noticing people and what they wear. What do you find work, and can you get any inspiration and tricks that you can transfer to your own wardrobe? People watching of course can be done on the street, and in your everyday routine, but I personally find Instagram and Pinterest to be great places to pick up some good styling ideas too. Here below you can see a few pictures from some of my favourite fashion Instagram’s as well as a few inspirational photos from my Pinterest board.

fashion-inspo | ByOlina.dk@iamcharlottemartin | @annabelpesant | @thedemeler | @florencia95

Stay on the right track

When you are out shopping it is easy to get distracted by all the cool clothes, and you very often end up coming home with tons of things you don’t really need, and which really do not at all fit together with anything you own, or your overall style. Staying on the right track therefore is super important, and can for example be done by making sure you know what you want or need before you head for the mall. If you are the type to usually fall for impulse purchases it might be beneficial to make a shopping list.

Find your personal fashion icon Style icons | ByOlina.dk Gigi Hadid // Vanessa Hudgens // Kendall Jenner // Zendaya

Having a style icon can also be very beneficial because it, like the people watching, is a source of inspiration, yet you are more guaranteed to keep inside a certain limit, where as when you find your inspiration from for example Instagram it is easy to fall in love with tons of different bloggers, with very different styles, something that in the end will create a very confusing wardrobe. Above you can see a few of the people I personally think would make good style icons, even though this of course is very individual. I have also chosen to include a picture of Olivia Palermo and Gwen Stefani although their style is quite far from my own, they are both huge icons, and big when it comes to fashion.

Add some fun items and new trends 

In the end when you are finally done with finding your one true amazingly cool and awesome style, it is time to add some fun and more standout items, these might be item that you know you will only use for one season, for example an item that is following a current trend.

fun-and-trendy-stuff | ByOlina.dkHere // Here // Here // Here // Here

After finding your personal style the real challenge is to stick to it, and the easiest way to do this, is by keeping you closet organised, so you always have a good overview of everything you own.

Gift Guide; For Her

Gift Guide; For Her1* Donut table stand // 2* Record player // 3* Salt & pepper pug set // 4* Portable iPhone charger, w/ hearts and w/ eyes // 5* #Girlboss book // 6* Polaroid camera // 7* “Is it Friday yet?” watch // 8* Neon light, rainbow and cactus // 9* Lady legs ashtray // 10* Carmex set // 11* Wireless speaker // 12* Snack pots // 13* Hbutler orbit key finder // 14* Fresh creme fragrance // 15* Donut candle

December is only two days away, and I for once are super exited, not that it will really change much since I have been listening to christmas music pretty much non-stop since mid November. Because I myself have been spending quite a bit of time pondering what to give everybody, I have also found quite a bit of different possible christmas gifts and stocking stuffers.

As for cheap but cute gifts for friends, or for stocking stuffers, I really like the neon rainbow and cactus lights, and the grow a unicorn kit.

Some of the other stuff I personally would love to receive myself include the Milk make-up set, the Fujifilm Instax smartphone printer and the Flamingo candle.

 16* Cocktail set // 17* Badges // 18* Grow a unicorn // 19* Flamingo candle // 20* Exotic scented candle // 21*  Amazing Grace collection // 22* You are awesome pillow  // 23* Water bottle // 24* Sleepy candle bubble gum // 25* Cozy candle ginger // 26* Hand lotion set // 27* Arm cuff // 29* Milk make-up set // 30* Notebook // 32* Smashbox set // 33* Kushmi tea set // 34* Sonic skin cleansing system // 35* Elephant mug // 36* Pineapple candle // 37* Fujifilm Instax smartphone printer // 38* Raspberry and blackberry set // 39* Alice in Wonderland lip balm

One of the things I have found that I think is super cool is the Hbutler orbit key finder, which is this tiny little thing you can place in your keychain, and whenever you loose your keys you can tap a button on your phone, and the little orbit will give off a beeping sound, helping you find your keys, super cool right?

For more inspiration on what to buy for your loved ones for christmas, you can always go look at this or this post,


insta update | ByOlina.dk I recently did an Instagram update, covering the last couple of months, but since I far from included all of my recent Instagram pictures I decided to do a part two. Above you see a few of my last outfit pictures, and below you can see a few random spare of the moment pictures.
insta updates | ByOlina.dkTogether with spare of the moment pictures, I have gotten quite a habit of posting travel-grams as well, some of which you can see here down below. Insta update | ByOlina.dk

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