Everybody knows the stress of traveling, and god knows that right before you have to leave for somewhere new, is not the time you want to be stressing out about stuff that is REALLY not that stress worthy.

he struggle just is that very often this unwanted stress makes you forget something you would much rather remember.

To make sure I don’t forget anything important I usually make a “To Pack” list for myself, and I can then cross things my list as I go along. In this way I ensure that I don’t get to the airport just to discover that I have forgotten my passport or something.

packing list
 Above you can see my usual list that I use to tick of the essentials. The wallet is obviously the most important one since it carries all your important documents, not to forget your credit cards and all your money. I personally like to bring some cash both current to wherever I’m going, and to my home country, in this way I am prepared in case of an emergency.

My three personal carry on essentials is firstly and most importantly  my headphones, which are complete lifesavers both on the plane and on my way to and from it. When flying I personally prefer the kind of headphones that goes on top my ears since they cancel out the sound of the airplane engine, and let you hear the music much better than the regular small earbuds.

Essentials number two is a big scarf. I pretty much always bring a huge as scarf with me on vacation, regardless of the weather where I am going. The extensive amount of air-condition on airplanes very often means that I end up freezing on the plane, even if I am going somewhere really warm. A huge scarf can be used as a blanket to keep me warm during the flight, as a pillow to sleep up against, and of course as a fierce fashion statement.
My last essentials is, surprise…. A book. I usually don’t go anywhere, and especially not abroad, without some good reading material for the rode as well as the few boring moments that might present themselves throughout the vacation. At the top of my current “To Read” list is the classics, The Help – Kathryn Stockett and The Da Vinci Code – Dan Brown.

On top of my three carry on essentials I also always bring a couple of toiletries including a deodorant, a lipgloss and whatever else I might find useful such as a concealer and a mascara. I usually also brings some Kleenex or wet wipes.

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NYFW must have

New York Fashion Week is officially over, and before the spotlight shifts to London Fashion Week, we of course need to spend some time pining for the incredible fashion while looking trough the many street style pictures.

I previously wrote about the one must have item from the streets of NYFW, the hoodie, but I figured that before moving on to London Fashion Week it would be nice to just share another HUGE trend from NYFW, which definitely does also belong under the category of must haves, and that’s with a big must.

NYFW must have

With it being winter and absolutely freezing it isn’t too weird that everybody attending NYFW was spotted wearing some incredible outerwear. Pretty much every single street style photo taken in this round of NYFW included some sort of amazing jacket or oversized coat.

It doesn’t seem so strange that all the fashionable it-girls felt like they needed to shine through in their outerwear, when most of their clothes are completely covered, and I can only say that I’m glad they did, because it have gifted us all with some super candid street styles pictures.

I personally cannot wait to see this tendency spread through out London, Paris and Milan fashion week as well.

NYFW must have

Amongst the many different statement jacket, the long teddy coat and the shearling coat was specially popular.
NYFW must have


save your skin

Wearing make-up when working out

For many of us wearing make-up while working out is simply a small everyday thing you do, however it is a little thing that can be something close to a disaster for your skin. Cleaning your face before jumping on the treadmill will be a wonderful gift to give your skin this spring.

Using 10 million different facial products

With constant advertisement everywhere on millions of different skincare products all promising to do wonders for your skin, it is easy to fall in the trap of buying them all, and then using all of them at once, yet this is definitely not the best thing you can do for you skin. Instead stick to one or two products, and if need be at least keep to the same serious of products.

Never cleaning you brushes

I for once used to be so bad at doing this, in fact I am pretty sure I once went six months without cleaning my make-up brushes. However most dermatologist will advise you to clean them several times a month, and at least every second week.

Picking at spots

I do this wayyy too much, and in spite of a big effort on my site, I honestly have no idea if I will ever be able to stop. But if anyone else actually possesses the self-control congratulations to you.

Not washing your pillowcases

This actually came as kind of a surprise to me, I don’t quite know why, since now that I know it seems so obvious. Since your pillowcase is where your face is for several hours every night, they should also be handled with a little more care than the rest of your bedding. The advice goes on washing you pillowcases more often than you do the rest of your bedding, and if possible also using natural products when doing the washing.

Not realising that your hair is in a lot of contact with your face

While it is important to take care of your hair, many of the products you will use to do so are not too good for your skin, and surprise surprise, your hair quite often comes into contact with your face. It is hard to know what hair products are and aren’t good for your skin, but a good start is to keep away from products containing silicones and plasticisers. If you suffer from bad skin or a in doubt as to whether or not your hair products are bad for your skin, it can be a good idea to keep your hair up in a high ponytail for a week or two and see if this helps.

Not drinking enough water

This one probably seems quite obvious, but it is super important, not only for your health, but also for your skin to make sure you drink enough water. At least 2 litters a day.

save your skin(xx)


FYFW must have

New York Fashion Week is coming to an end, which means that the huge stream of incredible street style pictures are also coming to an end. One item that have been to see in close to all of the pictures, are the hoodie. The hoodie might be formerly known as something you wear at home chilling on the couch, or are on the way to the gym, but now it have officially made its way into high end fashion.

The hoodie were not only to be seen on every fashion it-girl, but also paired with every possible fashion item, ranging everywhere from an oversized bomber jacket, to a fake fur, to a classic black coat.

NYFW must have

Here below I have styled a couple of hoodie including outfits, all inspired by the New York Fashion Week street style outfits.  NYFW inspired outfits

NYFW must have

Although New York usually do get the honour for all big trends, it is not just New York that knows what to wear and when to wear it. The two pictures below are from Stockholm Fashion Week. I am specially really into the look on the right where the girl have paired a grey oversized hoodie, with an almost neon pink faux fur vest. The thick black belt is also a cute touch.

fashion week must have

Say what you might, but when it comes to hoodies, well most kinds of sweaters really, the ones in the male department are just so much more both cooler and comfier. Below I have collected a couple of dreamy hoodies in all sorts of colours. One of the plus sides to shopping in the male department is also that everything automatically becomes oversized, which in my opinion is almost never a bad thing.

NYFW must have1. Redefined Rebel // 2. ASOS // 3. Puma // 4. Redefined Rebel // 5. Nike Jordan // 6. Redefined Rebel // 7. ASOS // 8 ASOS // 9. Reclaimed Vintage // 10. Carhartt // 11. Dickies


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period gif There is a lot of those period gif Well then it’s basically just one long struggle
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This might be coming a little late, but as promise I now give you the second part of the Designer on Sale post. Last round was only with jeans and shoes, but this time I have collected a little of each. All good stuff though.

I specially like the La Perla wired dress, the Zadig & Voltaire leather mini skirt and last but not least the Etre Cécile star print jean jacket.

designer on sale

MAX&Co, ribbed velvet dress, kr 725 or $104 (used to be kr 1095 or $156)

La Perla, wired dress, kr 5870 or $837 (used to be kr 9785 or $1395)

Alexander Lewis, mini skirt, kr 1665 or $237 (used to be kr 3330 or $475)

designer on sale

Moschino, dress, kr 1575 or $225 (used to be kr 3155 or $450)

Zadig & Voltaire, leather mini skirt, kr 2260 or $322 (used to be kr 3235 or $460)

Theory, suede-trimmed skirt, kr 2050 or $292 (used to be kr 5125 or $731)

Marc Jacobs, wallet on chain, kr 2015 or $246 (used to be kr 2885 or $410)

designer on sale3.1 Phillip Lim, denim jumpsuit, kr 2095 or $299 (used to be kr 5250 or $748)

Elizabeth and James, silk mini dress, kr 1380 or $197 (used to be kr 2760 or $393)

Etre Cécile, star print jean jacket, kr 1650 or $235 (used to be kr 2355 or $336)

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