confident style

 I am a firm believer in the idea that if you feel confident in the way you look, and think you look good, then that confidence is gonna spread, and in the end you will feel more confident in general.

However, the idea of looking at yourself in the mirror and being completely satisfied with what you see is often easier said than done. I have here collected three things you need to realise in order to feel more confident in your personal style.

The realisation that you can be really into a style without necessarily needing to wear it yourself. I’m sure we have all tried walking down the street or scrolling through insta and seeing a girl with the coolest style ever, however, this dosen’t always mean that you will feel comfortable in said style, and constantly considering changing your style or thinking that something else would look better on you can be a real downer. Constantly experimenting with your style can be fun, but it is very often more destructive than it is productive.

The realisation that you need to stop thinking that if you buy clothes in a size too small you’ll fit it in a month or two. Again this is something we have all done at least once, and again it is a habit which is more destructive than productive. Instead, make sure to buy clothes that actually fit you and that you feel comfortable wearing. If you feel comfortable, the feeling of confidence is not far behind.

The realisation that it isn’t the end of the world to wear the same thing again and again. I am a big sucker for wearing the same kind of black skinny jeans over and over for days in a row, and when I was younger I had this irrationally thought that it wasn’t okay to do this, and I kept stressing out about never wearing the same ting more than once a week. I have now realised that this is completely stupid, and that if you feel good in something (like my back skinny jeans) why not wear it on repeat, and feel good everyday?


I just returned home from Mallorca last thursday, and god do I already miss the amazing weather?

I won’t be making a “travel guide” post on Mallorca, but I have collected a few snapshots from my trip, specially featuring tons of palm trees, beautiful snaps of the ocean and yummy food moments.

Although this isn’t an actual travel guide, I have added the name and address of two amazing restaurants, which are great for both lunch and dinner.

Mallorca travel diary Mallorca travel diary Mallorca travel diary Great art, greater view, greatest brunch at CCA Andratx | Estanyera 2, AndratxMallorca travel diaryMallorca travel diary Mallorca travel diary Mallorca travel diaryGreat dinning at Brismar | Almirante Riera Alemany 6, Puerto de Andratx
Mallorca travel diary Mallorca travel diary Mallorca travel diary Mallorca travel diaryAnother perfect spot for the hungry foodie – Es MoliPlaca de Mossen Sebastia Grau 2Sant Elm
Mallorca travel diaryMallorca travel diary Mallorca travel diary Mallorca travel diary Mallorca travel diary Mallorca travel diary Mallorca travel diary


black satin maxi dress

A couple of weeks ago I bought a black chiffon maxi dress, and when I this week went to Mallorca I got a good feeling as to exactly how perfect the dress actually is.

With it being long and flowy it is super comfy when the weather starts to reach those uncomfortable heights, but the best part of it is how versatile it is; You can wear it for a day around town, a lunch at your fave cafe, or even for a summer-day beach adventure. Then when it becomes dark you can trow on some pumps and wear it out for a party or a nice dinner, who knows.

One thing is for sure though, if you are traveling with nothing but a carry on luggage and need to maximise space, the long black slip dress is perfect since you save room on not having to bring both an afternoon, beach and fancy dress.

I am definitely intending on wearing mine non stop this coming summer.

Below you find four other black maxi slipdress options that I’m also really into. summer must havehere // here // here // here


beauty and the beast gif

Beauty and the Beast 

I think it is safe to say that most people already know Beauty and the Beast from the original cartoon. Now, however, it have been recreated, staring Emma Watson as Belle. The movie have built in some more backstory, and is absolutely beautifully made. Definitely worth watching if you haven’t already.

la la land gifLa La Land 

La La Land is a new musical, which this year got no less than 14 Oscar nominations. The movie is about Mia a young girl trying to break through as an actress in LA, and Sebastian who’s dream is to open a Jazz bar. The two stumble upon each other by accidence and quickly fall in love, but it isn’t all fun and games, and their love is definitely thrown for a loop or two.

hidden figures gif

Hidden Figures

In Hidden Figures we are introduced to the behind-the-scenes workings at NASA, where a group of super intelligent african american women plays a huge part in getting the first rocket to space, whereafter a group of white men takes all the credit for the work. The movie is absolutely incredible and I can definitely recommend it it. As an extra bonus it is staring Taraji Henson, the baddest babe of all time.

single gifHow to be Single 

How to be Single is an american comedy about a group of girls in New York, some know each other and others are a part of the movie through thin links, as we see it in New Years Eve and Love Actually. The movie isn’t anything special, but if you are in the mood for a movie night and don’t feel like watching anything heavy, How to be Single is definitely the definition of a feel-good movie.

ghost in the shell gif

Ghost in the Shell 

 Ghost in the Shell is a science fiction movie based on the Manga of the same name, and is about of female cyborg who are on the track of an insane and super dangerous hacker, who doesn’t hack computers but peoples minds. In the end there is a big revelation about who really is the good and who is the bad in the whole scheme of things, which results in a war like nothing else.


animal print outfit

Almost two years ago animal print were a huge trend for a whole summer, and now after a miner break away from the fashion radar it is back again. Animal print is without doubt one of the most polarising trends at the moment, and specially leopard can be found in both highfashion and highstreet stores, as well as out couture runways and street style pictures.

Although leopard print have stolen the show quite a few times, other animal print is also very welcome, and as you can see below both snake print and zebra have also been spotted quite a lot.

Contrary to many other trends lately, animal print is quite easy to incorporate in you own day to day wardrobe and can be both subtle, by for example incorporating an animal print belt or shoes, or you can let the print completely steal the show by wearing it as for example a coat or a dress.

How to wear it

The best way to style animal print is to keep the rest of the outfit simple, both in cut and design, but also in colour. Instead of going all out on the outfit, keep the detailing and colours neutral and let the print really stand out.

animal print outfitZebra print tote and slippers // Leopard print belt + heels // Snake print boots


summer wishes

The summer is slowly getting closer and the stores are starting to fill up with cute summer items. Besides being completely head over heels for most of the new summer collections, I have also gotten quite a few material crushes which does not belong under the category of fashion.

In this post I have collected 11 items that are currently at the top of my summer wishlist.

Laptop Case… This christmas I got a new computer and have ever since then used my old laptop case for it, however it doesn’t quite fit, and I think it is about time I get a cover which I can actually close while having my computer in it.

Trespass; A History of Uncommissioned Urban Art… I have read quite a few books on the topic of street art by now and I don’t think I will ever get tired of it. The book Trespass seems super cool and is definitely a book I intend on reading sometime during the next month or so.

Waterproof Smartphone Case… As someone who loves to spend time at by the pool and also has a minor Instagram and photography addiction, I of course feel like a waterproof case for my phone is an absolute must have. This case is definitely something which is on the very top of my wishlist.

Ornerx Cactus Candles… These candles might not be a complete must-have but they are super cute, and who don’t need cactus shaped candles in their life?

Fruit Pop Molds… Besides launching around at the pool, a large part of my summer consists of eating ice-cream, and it is always fun to try making some on you own. It doesn’t hurt either if the ice cream molds are in super cute shapes.

Beats Wireless On-Ear Headphones… My beloved headphones recently fell apart, as in quite literally fell into tree little pieces, and I am in a desperate need of a new pair. These headphones from Beats seems like the right replacement, and are as an extra bonus both wireless and quite stylish to look at.

Sleeping Mask… During the summer I tend to travel quite a bit, and since I like to get the early morning flights so I have more time once I arrive, a sleeping mask is a complete lifesaver. It’s just a bonus that his one happens to be super cute too.

Read This If You Want To Take Great Photographs… I have seen this book so many times, in so many stores and websites, and every time I am immediately drawn to it so I figured it was about time I got around to buy it.

How To Be A Person In The World; The Paradoxes of Modern Life… Once again a book, but hey as a student it is not often you have time to read a book of your own choosing so might as well take advantage of the summer break right? This book sounds super interesting, and I have several friends who are really into the author, so that is always a good sign.

Decision Pad… Not really sure why I think this pad is a such a good idea, but as someone who more often than not take way to long to make a decision, I figure that it is worth a try.

Cards Against Humanity… I have played this at my friend’s house so many times, and it always end up being a complete chaos, yet it is also fun while it lasts, and that is more than enough for me to want a deck of  my own at home.