Steal the Style ; Kendall Jenner

Screen Shot 2016-08-28 at 11.12.34Hoodie // White sneaks // String choker* // Sunglasses* // Purse* // Off shoulder crop top // Booties* // Cropped sweater // Wide choker // Grey skinny jeans // Leather jacket // Cap* // Combat boots* // Shorts // Oxfords // Crop top // Boyfriend jeans

I love Kendall Jenner’s everything, and specially her street style. I know that I myself fall in love with pretty much everything she wears, so I figured at least some people out there would feel the same way, and I therefore presents you with this post. The links above which marked with an * is the exact same items as she owns, while the other simply are similar to the stuff she has, (since much of the stuff she owns cost 1000$ or more).

Tommy X Gigi Collection


Tommy Hilfiger has a habit of collaborating with the most stylish women of the generation, and this time he have partnered with Gigi Hadid, in order to make the coolest fall collection of the year. This is the first time ever Gigi have designed her own collection, but it have turned out super cool, and contrary to many other fall collections, the Tommy x Gigi collection, which will land in stores the first of September, is very everyday appropriate.


Tommy Hilfiger said himself that after having Gigi walk in many of his runway shows he is trilled to continue the collaboration. He then went on to say that “she truly is the definition of today’s Tommy Girl, her magnetic personality is bright and always optimistic, and her style is confident, effortless and cool”.

Some more looks from the Tommy x Gigi collection Tommy XX Gigi Collection

Postcard from Paris #6

Unknown-6The Seine. Everybody has probably at some point heard about the Seine, aka the big river running all the way across the city, but actually taking the time to walk along, or maybe take the canalboats down it is truly something else.

Travel tip; Wanna save some money? A super nice Paris activity is to by a sandwich or one of the famous crepes, and go down and eat by the Seine. Not only is is super beautiful and “Paris’ish”, there is also the most amazing atmosphere, specially if you go in the summertime there will usually be tons of young people sitting around and having fun, even playing interments sometimes.

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Postcard from Paris #5 | Skip the line at Versailles

Unknown-3The beautiful Versailles castle.

Travel tip; You can find a lot of “skip the line tickets online”, these are no matter how amazing they seem ALLWAYS a lie, everybody needs to stand in line, so don’t use 50 euro on a ticket you can buy for 15 when you get there. The only exception to this rule is if you have bought a ticket for a guided tour, in which case you can go into a shorter line.

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Trend to Try; Sporty Chic

Trend to Try; Sporty Chic

It have been some time since I last did a “Trend to Try” post, and what better way to get back into routine after the summer break than with the sporty chic trend. I like this trend because it allows you to be comfy while looking stylish and on point. I specially like the two piece crop-top and skirt set, you see underneath.

In Danish: Det er et stykke tid siden jeg sidst skrev et “Trend to Try” post, og hvad ville være en bedere måde at komme tilbage i rutine efter sommerferien, end med den sporty chic trend. Jeg er ret vild med denne trend, da den giver dig mulighed for at være afslappet på samme tid med, at du ser stylish og on point ud. Jeg kan specielt godt lide crop-top og nederdel sættet der kan ses nedenunder. UnknownSkirt & Top // Swimsuit // Dress

Other trends to try;

Statement Clutch // Wearing a t-shirt under a slip dress // Chocker // Bomber Jackets

Postcard from Paris #4 | How to skip the line for the Eiffel Tower


When visiting Paris the Eiffel Tower is definitely one of those mandatory stop byes, regardless of wether you take the trip to the top or just walk by, and of course that went for me too.

Travel Tip; the line to go up in the Eiffel Tower is always miles long and you often hear about people standing in line for hours. In the Eiffel Tower there is a restaurant, and if you have reserved a table you can skip the line. You can find the webpage for the restaurant here.

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