songs for chill moments

Heroes – David Bowie

Creep – Radiohead

The City – Ed Sheeran

What A Wonderful World – Louis Armstrong

New York – Paloma Faith

Behind Blue Eyes – Limp Bizkit

It’s Gotta Be You – Isaiah

Waiting – Aquilo

When You Love Someone – James TW

I Knew I Loved You – Savage Garden

songs for chill moments (x, x)

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Firstly there are the kind of people who thinks that being a girl must mean that you automatically need a boyfriend when people ask you about your dating life then there are the “maybe it would help if you weren’t so picky” people when people ask you about your dating lifethere are also that friend who are already in a relationship and have made it her life mission to meddle in your non existing dating life…when people ask you about your dating life and the “are you into girls?” personwhen people ask you about your dating life
then there are the “if you had ever experienced true love you would know how important a good relationship is”
when people ask you about your dating life lastly there are the “don’t worry there is a guy who would love to date you” kind of people. Not quite sure why they think I worry. I’m not worried. when people ask you about your dating life


    I have written quite a bit of posts on the different trends seen amongst the street style it girl during Fashion Months. The biggest trends have without doubt been the hoodiethe statement jacketthe detailed sleeved, and the “all about waist” trend. The monochromatic suit were also a huge Fashion Month must-have, I haven’t done a post on that yet, but it will be up soon.

Today I have collected 5 of the smaller trends seen during Fashion Month.

fashion week trends       Wearing a Bra or Corset on Top of Your Shirt

Trend number one is the bra on top trend which I have also previously written about. The trend can be prosecuted by pairing a bra, corset or even a basic crop top over any kind of blouse you’d like. The easiest way to carry out the trend is to pair a classic black bralette over a basic white shirt, but if you wanna spice it up you can also wear a t-shirt with a cool print or an oversized shirt underneath whatever you decided to wear on top.

fashion week trendsFurry Sleeves 

I’m not quite sure exactly how I feel about this trend, however, the many it-girls of the world seems to be very into it so I figured it was worth sharing, and you never know, it could be one of those heeled mules incidents where I start out being sceptical and end up loving it. The trend includes both a complete fur jacket where the fur on the sleeves simply are a little more prominent, as you can see in the picture to the right, but also jackets which only has fur on the sleeves, as in the picture to the left.

military jacketThe Military Inspired Jacket 

The military jacket have been in for ages and I really don’t see it going anywhere anytime soon. I personally love this jacket style so much, and have myself been looking for the perfect military inspired jacket for forever. I realise that this trend technically do belong under the statement jacket trend, but it’s just a little to good to skip.

oversized shirt + skirtWearing an Oversized Shirt with a Skirt

This trend is probably one of the newest trends to appear at Fashion Month since most of the other trends have either been in for a couple of weeks already, or have been in once before. The trend is great because it’s so available and easy to incorporate into your daily wardrobe. It only takes an oversized shirt and any skirt in any style you see fit to create a super stylish outfit.

Track pants
Track Pants

Track pants and leisure wear in general have been super in for almost a year and a half now, but since this Fashion Month has shown us that the trend is definitely still going strong I figured it deserved a place on the list. The massive amount of track pants options we can see in stores also tells us something about the trend’s willingness to stay.


biggest fashion week trends

Two weeks ago I wrote a couple of posts on the most spotted trends amongst the street style stars during London and New York Fashion Week. Since then I have been in Barcelona and unfortunately wasn’t home when Milan Fashion Week ended, I therefore figured I would do a combined Milan and Paris Fashion Week post on the street style tendencies.

One of the most seen tendencies is the “all about the waist” trend, where the many trendsetters attending Fashion Week did everything they could to emphasise their waist line. The major focus on the waistline was definitely more popular at Paris Fashion Week than it was Milan, however, the Milan girls where also often spotted wearing this new, and very flattering trend.

To sum up the “all about the waistline” trend, it obits around applying focus to the slimmest part of your abdomen area. This of course varies from woman to woman, and you can also see from the many Milan and Paris street style pictures that the placement of the focus goes from right beneath the chest (even though I guess that technically is not the waist) and to the the lower part of the waist area.

A good tip for carrying out this trend is that if you don’t have much of a natural waistline you should go for a thicker belt, as can be seen in the picture above. Also if you are wearing something tight it is usually more flattering with a thicker belt, and if you are a short person (or an average hight person who would like not to appear any shorter), you should always go for a thinner belt.
biggest fashion month trends

Most commonly the trend is carried out by applying a belt in the waistline on top of your shirt or jacket, but can also be prosecuted by wearing high waisted pants that can be tied in the waist area, as can be seen above in the second picture form the left.

While adding a thin belt to a baggy dress have always been a good way of creating some shape to an otherwise blah type of clothing, several fashionistas were this Fashion Month seen wearing a belt over a tight fitted dress, which also can be seen above, and I personally find it a super fierce way of styling your outfit.

biggest fashion month trends

It probably could be discussed whether or not the “all about the waist” trend is actually a new trend, since it is pretty safe to say that emphasising the waist is something that we women have done for ages, but new trend or not, I personally don’t think you can ever really go wrong with a little focus on the right parts of the body, and personally intend on embracing this trend fully.

Other than the new focus on the waistline the most frequently seen trends during Fashion Months include the hoodie, the statement jacket and the detailed sleeved.


Bend It Like Beckhammovies to watchJess loves football but her parents don’t want her to play on a team because they think she should focus on finding herself a suitable husband. Jess then meets Jules who helps her get into the game, quite literally, and while Jess tries to hide her hobby from her parents she ends up failing, which lead to a minor child-parent rebellion, some friendship drama, and of course a few boy problems too. All in all a super good move, that I can only recommend watching.

American Pie movies to watchFour friends in their last year of high school makes a pact to all loose their virginity before their graduation, something which proves much harder than they initially thought. Things are specially hard for our main character Jim, who on his journey to sex has a quite embarrassing incident with the schools super hot exchange student, Nadia, an incident which just so happens to be broadcasted to the entire school. If you are into old comedies and stupid sex jokes, this is definitely a movie for you.

Pocahontas movies to watchThe amazing Disney classic Pocahontas is one of my personal favourites, just with the exception of Beauty and the Beast and Mulan. The famous movie is about forbidden love and takes place during the events in which the Europeans assumed American land and forcefully threw out the native people.

Letters to Julietmovies to watch Sophie and her fiance Victor goes to Verona, Italy, for a romantic get-away, and ends up finding a 50 year old letter in the famous courtyard where Juliet from Shakespeare’s well known drama lived. The letter is from a girl named Claire, and in the letter she talks about a boy she is in love with. When Clair, now 50 years older, shows up in Italy with her grandchild and a dream to find the lost love of her life, Sophie decide to go with them around Toscana in search of Lorenzo.


stained clothes
Rub your canvas shoes with wax to keep them dry in the rain.
Preferably beeswax


Use nail polish remover to get difficult stains of your shoes.


Wash your jeans inside out to prevent them from fading.
This is also a good idea to do when washing clothes with details.


Spray hairspray on your tights to prevent from running.


Rub your leather bags with a thick creme to keep the leather healthy and the bag looking new.
I usually use the classic blue Nivea creme, which by the way is also amazing for those cold winter days where your skin tends to dry out.


Paint the insides of your fake rings with nail polish to prevent green stains.


If you get foundation or powder stains on a white shirt apply shaving foam to the spot.